Lula to enhance Brazilians´ quality of life

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on Thursday claimed his major incentive to serve as president anew is to enhance nationals´ quality of life, and also regretted Brazil had returned to hunger scenario.

“My objective is Brazil to bounce back. I´m not satisfied with the fact that Brazil, the world´s third-largest food producer, has 33 million hungry people”, said Lula at an event in Belém, capital of the northern Pará.

During the meeting with culture creators, Lula said he did not figure out how a world´s first animal protein producer has people making huge line at the butcher’s to buy a chicken bone.

It´s not possible to accept a mankind that produces food for seven billion people globally, to have 900 million people who go to sleep every day without having anything to eat,” Lula stated.

According to a survey from the Brazilian Network for Research on Food and Nutritional Sovereignty and Security, the figure of hungry people in Brazil rose to 33.1 million.

Lula once again vowed that, if elected, he will appoint an indigenous person, man or woman, or a quilombola (Afro-Brazilian) to head the Ministry of Native Peoples.

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