Latin American countries will discuss climate finance

Government authorities of South American nations and representatives of international organizations will exchange on climate financing and the energy transition on the continent, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) said today.

ECLAC stressed that electromobility, sustainable and equitable supply chains of fundamental and strategic minerals for the energy transition, and climate financing for the resilience of small island states are part of the event’s agenda.

The regional organization stressed that the expectations of the meeting are placed on the activation of processes to finalize investment agreements between those responsible for government projects in the region and the participating financial institutions.

Similarly, ECLAC underlined that the definition of specific opportunities is estimated to advance in the sustainable energy transition of the countries of the area.

The event will hold its sessions on September 1 and 2, with the presence also of representatives of the private sector, financial entities dedicated to development and partners in multilateral and bilateral cooperation.

The UN body highlighted that this is one of the five regional forums on initiatives to finance actions that mitigate climate change and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

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