Chilean ex-carabinero found guilty who blinded current senator

A Chilean court today found ex-carabinero Patricio Maturana guilty, for firing a tear gas canister which blinded now-senator Fabiola Campillai when she was on her way to work during the 2019 social uprising.

As a result of this attack, Campillai lost her senses of sight, taste and smell, in addition to suffering skull fractures.

According to the court ruling, the former police officer “exposed the victim to serious injuries and physical consequences, destroying her life project.”

The Prosecutor’s Office requested a 12-year prison sentence to the former police officer, a sanction that will be read on October 10.

“Justice has been done,” said the legislator outside the Oral Criminal Court after hearing the ruling.

On October 18, 2019, a student-driven movement began in this capital against the rise in the subway fare, which later spread throughout the country and demonstrated the population’s discontent with social inequalities and the neoliberal model.

The protests were violently repressed by the carabineros and the armed forces, with a balance of nearly 30 dead, thousands injured and 460 people with eye damage caused by the firing of pellets or tear gas.

Prensa Latina

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