Venezuelans shaw improvements in the country’s economy

57.3 percent of Venezuelans consider that the country’s economy is improving and attribute these results to the administration of President Nicolas Maduro, an international consulting firm revealed today.

The data disclosed by Juan Villamizar, head of the International Consulting Service, indicated that Venezuela is recovering economically, which matches the most recent reports of national authorities and international organizations.

The survey carried out from August 8 to 12 among 1,225 people in 22 states of the country, recognized that 30.1 percent of those interviewed see certain progress in the economic recovery and another 27.2 percent consider it to be somewhat certain, according to statements made by Villamizar to the newspaper Ultimas Noticias.

Only 16.2 percent of those polled think it is somewhat false and 24.2 percent think it is false in its totality.

When asked to what do you attribute the growth of the economy, to the economic management of President Nicolas Maduro or to other factors?, 51.8 percent of the respondents mentioned the head of state and 43.0 percent mentioned other factors.

The survey attributed economic growth to entrepreneurs (40.4 percent), businessmen, remittances, foreign investment, traders and exports, in that order.

According to the source, those polled acknowledged the public sector’s support to entrepreneurs for the promotion of productive activities.

Prensa Latina

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