Venezuelan Minister denounces mega-fraud against oil industry

Sector Vice President of Economy, Tareck el Aissami denounced today a mega corruption fraud of over four billion dollars in the state company Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), which incriminates fugitive former head Rafael Ramírez.

In a press conference, the also Minister of Petroleum, explained that 28 payments were made that were stolen from the national patrimony coming from the “perverse and very corrupt mind” of Ramírez and other officials.

El Aissami stressed this is one of the most serious corruption schemes that compromises the assets of Venezuela, through the oil company.

We ask the Public Ministry for a deep, exhaustive investigation and an international arrest warrant against the former official, main person responsible for the illicit plot, as well as other citizens complicit in the robbery against that industry, he said.

He mentioned among them a deputy head of PDVSA, “one of Rafael Ramírez’s henchmen,” he pointed out.

The sectoral vice president pointed out that the stolen money was transferred to Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt, whom he called a “bandit and thief”, a relative of the renowned opposition figure Leopoldo López, who with they shared the money.

In his complaint, el Aissami said Ramírez was a traitor because he not only betrayed the people, but also the trust placed in him by Commander Hugo Chávez.

The operation was carried out in the last year of life of the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, when he was being treated for his serious illness, and at a time when “it still hurts us,” he stressed.

He also ratified the unwavering will to fight corruption “in whatever form and at any level”, and the firm commitment to defend the oil industry.

People have to know that sooner or later we will put this “miserable thief” in the hands of the Venezuelan justice system, he remarked.

We swear in front of the people and the memory of President Chávez that we will not rest until justice is done and these criminals pay for the damage caused to the country, its institutions and fundamentally to PDVSA, Aissami reaffirmed.

This is the 25th anti-corruption investigation by the Public Ministry that involves these officials in their plot against the important industry, he revealed.

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