Ola Bini denounces that the Ecuadorian Justice is violating his rights

The case of the Swedish digital activist, Ola Bini, appeared during the government of former President Lenín Moreno and he was accused of his closeness to Julian Assange, who remained for 7 years in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Lawyer Carlos Soria has reiterated the shortcomings of the Ecuadorian justice system in this case:

“Not being able to count on a Swedish-Spanish translator, and in strict respect for the constitutional guarantees of Ola Bini, the Court has suspended the continuation of the trial hearing scheduled for this Tuesday and Wednesday. The judiciary must appoint a translator,” Soria said.

Lawyer Soria insists that: «The issue is that if there is no translator, Ola’s hearing cannot continue. If he continues without a translator, rights will continue to be violated, but by continuing to delay it, rights will also continue to be violated ».

The persecution against the digital activist began when Maria Paula Romo, at that time, Minister of Government, offered a press conference in 2019 where she assured that two Russian hackers and a member of Wikileaks would live in Ecuador and that she had that information to deliver it. in Prosecutor’s Office.

Thus, Romo declared that the government was close to capturing individuals who were allegedly involved in the attempt to establish a hacking center in the country, including two Russian hackers. These accusations could never be verified.

Ola was detained at Mariscal Sucre International Airport under a temporary movement restriction order. The programmer was in the boarding line for the flight that would take him to Japan when he was detained.

Since then the accusations by the Government have changed. Currently, he is accused of the crime of unauthorized access to a computer system.

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