Euro Deputies support Lula’s candidacy for Brazilian presidency

Socialist MEPs today expressed their support for former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in his candidacy for power in Brazil as the standard-bearer of the Workers’ Party (PT) in the October 2 elections.

Supporting Lula in the vote is “supporting the Brazilian people.” “We are sure that a new window of opportunity will open for Brazil,” said the head of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats of the European Union, Spanish MEP Iratxe García.

She considered that new opportunities will only be possible with Lula as president, who restores hope to so many.

The meeting in a hotel of Sao Paulo with the former Brazilian president took place within the framework of a tour, which also includes Chile and Argentina, of a delegation from the social democratic group in the European Parliament, headed by Garcia.

“We have experienced a deterioration in recent years in Brazil, with the (Jair) Bolsonaro government, with very clear examples, such as what happened in Covid (-19). The country’s politics and image abroad deteriorated,” evaluated the MEP.

She pointed out that “Bolsonaro’s misogyny is known in the rest of the world and we saw that yesterday in the debate” on television between six presidential candidates.

At the event, the ex-soldier distilled hatred and offended journalist Vera Magalhaes.

Without evidence, he accused Magalhaes, from TV Cultura, of lying and taking sides, and considered her “a shame for Brazilian journalism.”

The professional asked former Minister Ciro Gomes if he thought that misinformation about vaccines helped cause “deaths (more than 680,000) that could have been avoided” during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Violating protocol, Bolsonaro became upset and insulted, while the candidates Simone Tebet and Soraya Thronicke disapproved of his inappropriate statements.

At Monday’s meeting, Lula, the favorite candidate to win at the polls, invited the Socialist MEPs to jointly exploit the biodiversity of the Amazon in a sustainable way.

“We do not want to transform the Amazon into a sanctuary for humanity, we want to exploit what biodiversity can offer from the Amazon,” said the former workers leader.

He predicted that, if he wins the vote, in his new mandate it will be clear that “Brazil needs the European Union”, whether through investments, alliances or exchange of experiences to build a world free of greenhouse gas emissions.

Prensa Latina

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