Ecuador has invested USD 388 million in vaccines against COVID-19

The Government of Ecuador asks citizens to apply the corresponding reinforcement doses to avoid a new wave of infections.

The Minister of Health, José Ruales, reported that the government has invested USD 388 million for the acquisition of vaccines.

Likewise, the minister informed that the country registers more than 7 million doses of first reinforcement applied and 1.6 million with second dose of reinforcement. In total, 37 million doses of vaccines have been applied.

Over the weekend, 106,000 doses were applied.

Ecuador has received 41,201,185 doses of vaccines, of which 32.6 million were received in 2021 and 8.6 million so far in 2022.

Of these, 8.8 million were donations, especially from China, the United States, European countries, Chile and Peru.

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