Parliament and Government of Ecuador start rapprochement meetings

The National Assembly (parliament) of Ecuador and the Government held today the first meeting in the framework of a rapprochement between both instances, to discuss an agenda to deal with legislative projects.

The meeting between technical teams from both parties served to define the basis for the talks and reach initial agreements such as dividing the work into two areas: political and technical.

The president of the parliament, Virgilio Saquicela, inaugurated the mixed commission, made up of members of the five legislative benches and representatives of the Executive.

“Yes, it is possible to sit at a table, talk and above all listen to each other and at the end of the day resolve issues that interest all Ecuadorians,” Saquicela assured at the opening of the meeting.

The exchange took place as planned, although there was displeasure among the members of the legislature, due to the absence of the Minister of Government, Francisco Jiménez, who was sent the letter with the call.

Assemblywoman Wilma Andrade presented the work proposal to structure the roadmap focused on regulatory issues that allow solving society’s problems.

In this regard, he pointed out the need to present efficient projects with comparative regulations applied in other countries in order to find points of consensus and suitable mechanisms for socialization, not only among the benches and political sectors, but also with the participation of entities and social sectors in order to achieve the goal of building laws.

Those present agreed that the work methodology must contain a definition of axes, presentation of macro issues such as productive, labor, safety, health and education reactivation, as well as determining deadlines and responsible parties.

As agreed, the next meeting will be on Friday, August 26, at the legislative headquarters, where the delegates will review the draft of the Investment Law project.

Two delegates from each parliamentary caucus and representatives of the Executive will participate in the meeting, in order to evaluate the articles.

Next, on Monday, August 29, the political table is set, which seeks to define the work agenda in the short and medium terms, in the presence of different political actors and with the support of the Legislative Technical Unit and the General Secretariat of the National Assembly, in charge of evaluating and monitoring regulations.

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