Israeli air strikes on Syria kill three soldiers

The Syrian Ministry of Defense on Monday announced that three soldiers have been killed and three others were wounded in Israeli air strikes perpetrated in the nation’s western region on Sunday.

Israeli fighters fired several missiles from Lebanese airspace to some points in the coastal Tartous province, the Ministry reported in a press release broadcast on national television.

It added that the attack coincided with another one carried out with rockets launched from the Mediterranean waters to points in the Damascus-countryside province.

According to the note, several missiles were intercepted by the anti-aircraft defense batteries while the impact of others caused material damages.

Military sources told Prensa Latina that two officers with the ranks of first lieutenant and captain are among those killed by the hostile action.

The number of Syrian soldiers killed by Israeli air strikes since early this year has rosen to 31.

The Syrian Government condemned these events and deplored the United Nations’ silence, as well as reaffirmed the right to defend the integrity and sovereignty of the national territory by all legitimate means.

Prensa Latina

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