National Assembly of Cambodia endorses Constitution reform

The National Assembly of Cambodia unanimously approved the draft amendment to the Constitution, the Ministry of Justice reported in a press release.

The legislators gave the green light to the modification of six articles of the Magna Carta and two others of the Additional Constitutional Law.

This is the 10th amendment to the Constitution since it was established in 1993, and it aims to ensuring the regular functioning of national institutions, especially the executive body, so that they can maintain continuity of government in all circumstances.

Other purposes of the changes are to safeguard the peace, social security, public order and political stability of the Kingdom in all situations, which is the basis for development in all sectors and the happiness of the people.

The important thing about the 10th amendment is that it ensures that national institutions, especially the government, will continue to function smoothly and without deadlocks, and guarantees their sustainability in all situations, Cambodian Justice Minister Koeut Rith said in the debates.

According to The Phnom Penh Post newspaper, the Minister thus responded to the objections filed by four political parties, which requested holding a vote against the draft of the amendment, alleging that the changes would weaken the power of the legislature.

Rith pointed out regarding this that the amendment to Article 98 guarantees the fluidity and coherence of the revised sections with the rest of the Constitution and does not affect the power of the National Assembly, which maintains full powers to depose any government official, or the entire Executive, with the vote in favor of the great majority of the members.

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