Israel begins building new section of separation wall with West Bank

Foto: Reuters
Foto: Reuters

The Israeli Ministry of Defense began the construction of a concrete wall on the border to northern West Bank, the Walla news website revealed.

The new section is part of a barrier whose construction started in 2002 and was never completely finished.

Although Israeli authorities acknowledged that it will affect Palestinian workers who cross illegally into Israel to seek work, the Ministry of Defense defended its construction, alleging it will prevent attacks and smuggling.

The 45-kilometer-long concrete wall will replace a fence erected two decades ago amid a popular Palestinian uprising against the occupation.

In 2002, the Tel Aviv authorities began building the wall under the pretext of protecting themselves from attacks coming from the West Bank.

The Palestinians denounce that the wall follows a path that does not correspond to the territorial limits prior to the 1967 war, which the UN recognizes as a de-facto border.

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