Da Silva to participate in convention of Brazilian Socialist Party

Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva will participate in the convention of the Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB), scheduled to take place in the capital with the assistance of allied political organizations and parliamentarians.

During the eeting, the Socialists will deliberate on the candidacy of former governor Geraldo Alckmin as vice-president in the team headed by da Silva, standard-bearer of the Workers’ Party (PT), for the October elections.

The approval of coalitions for suffrage will also be addressed at the event.

The PSB is part of the “Let’s Go Together for Brazil” movement, made up of seven parties (PT, Solidarity, Green, Communist, Socialism and Freedom, and Sustainability Network) that support da Silva’s candidacy.

Alckmin’s rapprochement with da Silva since the former left the PSB last year has been openly discussed by the parties. The two met on several occasions and even made a joint public appearance.

Alckmin joined the PSB on March 23rd, and during his first speech after his incorporation he defended the party’s support for da Silva’s candidacy, and affirmed that the PT leader is currently “the one who best reflects the feeling of hope of the Brazilian people”.

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