Almost all of metropolitan France on drought alert

Foto: AFP
Foto: AFP

Of the 96 departments that make up metropolitan France, 93 are on drought alert, half of them considered in a crisis situation.

According to the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the situation is particularly tense on the Atlantic side, the Occitan region, the center and the southeast of the country.

Drought monitoring involves restrictions on water use, which include the prohibition of watering gardens or agricultural use at certain times.

In the departments marked in crisis, the limitation is even greater, so that only the priority use of the precious liquid is allowed, for purposes such as consumption by the population, firefighters and health services.

One of the consequences of the unusual drought in France this summer is the spread of forest fires, to which are attributed in the second half of July more than 20,000 hectares of forest destroyed, especially in Gironde.

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