El Salvador maintains downward trend in homicides

El Salvador maintains the downward trend in its homicide records, after 18 consecutive days without deaths due to violence, authorities reported today.

The National Civil Police (PNC) assured through its Twitter that no fatalities occurred in the country on Wednesday, something that according to assessments is the result of the strategies implemented by the government of President Nayib Bukele to counteract the criminality that in March this year caused dozens of deaths.

Among the measures adopted is the application of an exception regime that was extended until the end of August a week ago, it was used to arrest more than 47,000 gang members, some of them emerged in Los Angeles, United States, in past decades.

The figure is a reflection of the Territorial Control Plan, which allowed to provide Salvadorans with greater security throughout the country, according to the government.

A Tweet from Bukele on Thursday highlighted the figure of zero homicides in one day, while an ID-Gallup survey found that El Salvador stands out among 12 Latin American countries for its low crime rates. According to the opinion poll, 90 percent of the population surveyed said they were not victims of crime.

The results of the security plans implemented by the executive to combat gangs and other criminal structures place this nation as the safest among 12 Latin American countries, surpassing nations such as Costa Rica, Mexico and Colombia.

President Bukele assured from his social networks that “After being the most dangerous country in the world… We are on our way to being the safest country in Latin America. And we continue…”.

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