China stresses need to balance economy with health mechanism

A meeting of the Communist Party of China (CPC) stressed the importance of balancing the implementation of measures against Covid-19 and socioeconomic development to overcome the country’s growth challenges.

The meeting was chaired by the general secretary of the group and president of the nation, Xi Jinping, and was organized to analyze the current outlook of the economy and define guidelines with a view to boosting it in the second half of 2022.

While highlighting the results of the healthcare mechanism this year and ratifying the adherence to the zero Covid-19 strategy, the communist organization considered it imperative to maintain a strategic approach in order to overcome development challenges.

That is why, it insisted on working harder to consolidate the recovery, stabilize unemployment and prices, and introduce fiscal and monetary policies that respond to social demand. The CPC urged to increase lending, expand investment in construction and closely monitor the real estate sector to ensure that “housing is for residence and not for speculation.”

Among other issues, the party stressed the importance of achieving food and energy security, ensuring the competitiveness of China’s international supply chains and supervising the financial sector to ensure that rural banks do not commit crimes.

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