Lopez Obrador will increase austerity measures in Mexico

Mexican President Andrée Manuel Lopez Obrador announced today in his morning conference at the National Palace that he will increase republican austerity with new measures of immediate effect.

He explained that his government has not purchased new vehicles for public officials, and the newest vans they have are from 2018 acquired before he came to power.

The federal government will continue to save, without acquiring debts, without asking for additional loans, nor increasing taxes or the price of gasoline, he assured.

He pointed out that to make a good government the formula is simple: zero corruption and republican austerity to release funds to development, deliver resources to the neediest people. These has helped to save in this short time more than two trillion pesos in general (more than 200 billion dollars).

He gave several examples of savings done, such as the fight against gasoline theft, the requirement for large taxpayers to pay taxes, the prohibition of tax remissions, and a large reduction in advertising expenses.

He also put as an example the rationality and viability of development works such as the new airport that was intended to be built in Texcoco at a very high price, a project that was discarded, and built in its place a better and more modern one in Santa Clara, which allowed saving 6.25 billion dollars.

He also spoke of re-analyzing high salaries since there are many officials who earn much more than he does as President of the Republic (108 thousand pesos per month, equivalent to five thousand 400 dollars), and this saving means more investment capacity.

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