Indigenous movement and Ecuadorian Gov’t resume talks

The indigenous movement and the Government of Ecuador resumed talks on fuel, a controversial issue in which they are still at odds in the negotiations they began after 18 days of protests.

The reinstallation of the technical table on this issue took place after 12 days of talks and a recess taken by the parties to make their proposals work.

The indigenous sector delivered to the Executive its suggestions to address the issue, with eight points, focused on benefits for small farmers, community transportation, motorcycle cabs and control of contraband, among others.

In this regard, the Deputy Minister of Government, Homero Castanier, pointed out: “there is no firm proposal because it is not yet directed to those who should benefit from this subsidy”, he said. The so-called targeting would then be a debate that could be extended during the rest of the week, according to the Ecuadorian Episcopal Conference (CEE, in Spanish), which acts as mediator in the negotiations, initiated last July 13 and planned for 90 days, with an agenda of 10 matters in which the social sectors seek solutions.

If there is no agreement or there are still pending issues, they will be passed to the coordination table, the president of the CEE, Monsignor Luis Cabrera, said.

Prensa Latina

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