China warns US about consequences if Pelosi visits Taiwan

 China has reiterated its warning today that the United States should prepare to face up the consequences if the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, finally makes a visit to Taiwan in August, postponed since last April.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian stressed that if she “insists on the trip and defies China’s red line, there will surely be firm countermeasures” and Washington should be held responsible for any consequences.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman thus responded to the US Army’s plans to redouble operations, deployment of personnel, presence of equipment and war vehicles in the Asia-Pacific region, in response to fears of a possible Chinese attack on Pelosi’s plane.

The lawmaker would be the highest-ranking official to travel to Taiwan since 1997 and the Pentagon is planning additional protective measures because it fears that any incident or misunderstanding could jeopardize her safety.

Both the Chinese Foreign Ministry and Defense Ministry in recent days reiterated opposition to the visit and any official exchanges with Taipei, while stressing that Beijing will proceed with decisive actions to protect national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

On the other hand, Zhao considered as a fabricated lie allegations against China about the creation of a network of informants within the US Federal Reserve to provide data on the economy, changes in interest rates and other US policies.

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