Greece begins to pay for Russian gas in rubles

 All Greek importers of Russian gas began to pay Gazprom in rubles, reason why there will be no a suppply interruption, a business source reported RIA Novosti news agency.

The three main companies in charge of gas purchase in Greece are DEPA Commerce, Mytilineos and Prometheus Gas.

Deliveries from Russia represent 45% to 55% of imports, according to the season.

According to experts, it will not be possible to replace Russian gas with other source in the coming years. Yesterday, AMNA news agency reported that DEPA settled with Gazprom the bills for April deliveries in euros, according to the European Commision´s May 19 guidelines.

In case of default on payment for the Russian supply, Greek authorities will be obliged to cut off electricity due to the country´s lack of power.

On May 21, the Finnish gas transportation company Gasgrid Finland announced the cessation of gas supplies from Russia from that date and confirmed that the new purchases required by the country will be imported by other means and according to the priorities of the domestic market.

A day earlier, Russian authorities highlighted that about half of Gazprom´s European customers agreed to make payments in Russian currency.

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