Banana growers announce strike to demand attention from the Government of Ecuador

The banana leaders of El Oro announce a strike due to the serious crisis in the sector.

Segundo Solano, leader of the Association of Banana Producers of El Oro, indicated that the banana growers’ strike will be to request that the Government resolve the crisis that, in some cases, is ending the small and medium producers.

“The producers are going to lose their houses, which are like guarantees for bank loans. And there is no positive answer. There is no answer that the bunches of bananas are going to be bought. We are totally helpless and the authorities on duty are not making a positive statement to find a solution to our problems.”

The leader added that 60,000 jobs have been lost due to the serious crisis in the sector. In addition, he said that the assembly proposed that the Government address the problem in less than 24 hours, otherwise the stoppage will be at the national level.

As indicated by the banana growers, the points where the roads would be closed will be kept in reserve until the measure is finalized.

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