UN urges Lebanese political leaders to work together

The United Nations on Tuesday urged Lebanon’s political leaders to work together to improve the situation in the nation, in a statement issued by the organization’s Secretary-General’s spokesperson Stephane Dujarric.

As the United Nations Information Center in Beirut released, the message acknowledged Lebanon’s commitment to join to the Constitution and honor the democratic traditions on the holding of the parliamentary elections.

The communique wished for the rapid formation of an inclusive Government that can finalize the agreement with the International Monetary Fund and accelerate the implementation of reforms to advance the country’s recovery.

It called on the new Parliament to urgently approve all necessary legislation to stabilize the economy and improve Lebanon’s governance.

On Sunday, Lebanese voters elected their 128 representatives of the unicameral legislative body, equally divided between Christians and Muslims.

Lebanon convened the parliamentary elections in December 2021 and dragged the process into a political and social debt: the protests of 2019 and the explosion in Beirut’s port in August 2020 that caused more than 200 dead.

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