Tunnel with explosives found in Syria

The Syrian Security Forces began the deactivation of dozens of explosive charges placed by terrorists in a tunnel in the city of Aleppo, about 300 kilometers north of this capital.

The tunnel dug by the extremist groupings before the liberation of Aleppo in late 2016, is two meters deep and two meters wide and stretches from the central al-Hal market to the bus terminal, an official quoted by local media said.


He explained that the radicals intended with this tunnel to infiltrate towards neighborhoods under government control and blow up state institutions and army headquarters.


Digging, mining and blowing up tunnels was a frequent practice of the terrorist groups that occupied Aleppo’s eastern neighborhoods between 2012 and 2016, and these acts claimed the lives of hundreds of military personnel and civilians, in addition to causing material losses.

The Syrian Army is still working to eliminate the terrorists’ remnants of mines, weapons, ammunition and tunnels in the freed areas.

Prensa Latina

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