President of Ecuador ratifies his support for the Armed Forces and the Police

The president of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, said that he will continue to support the country’s police and armed forces.

In addition, the president said that he will reinforce the equipment and train the members of these institutions according to their most urgent needs.

In a ceremony held this Monday, May 16, at the Carondelet Palace, the Commander General of the Police, Fausto Salinas, and Nelson Proaño, head of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces. and more authorities, were made official in their positions, through Executive Decree.

Lasso confirmed his support for these institutions, even, he said, beyond the possibilities of the Government. “State resources must be allocated to the professional equipment of the Police,” added Lasso.

Likewise, the president announced that he will provide at least USD 1.2 billion, in the next three years, for the strengthening of the Police.

Violence and crime in the country was another of the central themes of the authorities’ speeches. Regarding the state of exception, which governs three provinces of the country: Guayas, Manabí and Esmeraldas, the president, without giving figures, assured that violent deaths “have been significantly reduced.”

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