President of Ecuador confirms sale of presidential plane to Colombia for USD 8 million

The President of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, confirmed that the presidential aircraft LEGACY EMB 135-BJ was sold to Colombia for USD 8 million, as announced by the Minister of Finance, Simón Cueva.

The president indicated that the money will arrive in the country this week and will be used to repair an Air Force plane that is used to transport troops.

Lasso indicated that with this sale he fulfills another of his campaign promises, but indicated that he does not know the value at which this aircraft was purchased.; although he confirmed that his sale will leave USD 8 million in profits for the State.

“I don’t know how much the Correa government bought it for, but we sold the plane to Colombia.”

The money from the sale of the LEGACY EMB 135-BJ will be used to repair an Air Force C130 aircraft, which has a transport capacity of 100 people properly armed and equipped.

“In this week we will deliver the plane to Colombia and in this week we will receive the payment and we will immediately start working on that C130 plane.”

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