First version of the first draft of Chile’s Constitution is presented

A total of 499 articles make up the first draft of Chile’s new constitution, after concluding the work of the commissions of the Constitutional Convention, local media revealed.

According to Meganoticias, during the 103rd session of the Plenary of the Constitutional Convention, the articles proposed in the report of the second proposal of the commission on Environment were voted.

The proposed Constitution -which will be submitted to mandatory plebiscite on September 4- has 499 articles in the first unified version of the draft, which will be reviewed and unified in the Harmonization Commission.

Thus, according to this media, the constituent process enters its final stretch, as the closing commissions begin to operate: Harmonization, Transitory and Preamble.

The Constitutional Convention expects to deliver a proposal for a new constitution to the citizens by July 5 at the latest, which must be disseminated and discussed before the plebiscite that will decide whether or not Chileans will change their current law of laws.

Days ago, the nation’s president, Gabriel Boric, emphasized that he is still “in favor of a new Constitution; I am glad that there is a consensus that the 1980 Constitution has been socially and politically surpassed”.

Any result, I have no doubt, is more legitimate than that Constitution written by four generals (with the dictator Augusto Pinochet at the head of the country), he added.

Prensa Latina

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