Drug gang disputes intensify in Uruguay

Everything in Uruguay points to an intensification of the territorial disputes with drug-trafficking gangs in Montevideo’s areas, Brecha weekly stated on Monday.

In its opinion, the organized crime has been taking over growing portions of the city, and “in the less advantaged neighborhoods, the State seems to have beaten a retreat some time now.”

The publication added to concerns from different social and political sectors about the latest figures of homicides, including dismemberments, linked to drugs this year, which exceeds those of 2021 compared to the same period.

Interior Minister Luis Alberto Heber, who recently acknowledged that reality to express his commitment to the confrontation some days ago, toured along with companions a wealthy neighborhood of the city where security problems are minimal.

Brecha pointed out that for 15 years, the forces that now govern, when they were in opposition, wielded the perverse thesis that the previous Government did not fight crime simply because it did not want to, because it had ideological sympathies for the criminals.

Prensa Latina

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