Victims of the earthquake in Esmeraldas protested the lack of attention from the Ecuadorian Government

This Thursday, May 12, hundreds of people protested in Esmeraldas to demand concrete solutions from the Government for more than 8,000 homes affected and destroyed in the earthquake of March 26.

The community affected by the earthquake demands to be attended. They warned that the Governor of the province has not provided any response on the progress of the construction and reconstruction processes of the housing plans and all the commitments made by the authorities, after this disaster.

In addition, they recalled that several communities were also affected by the 2016 earthquake, for which they request urgent help.

Enrique Valdez, president of the Victims Committee, explained that dozens of neighborhoods are abandoned and, because of this, they had no other alternative than social protest.

We are protesting because of “Your incompetence, your negligence and lack of leadership, lack of responsibility, lack of attention and lack of authority”.

In the same way, the demonstrators claimed that they have not received the bonus offered and that they have been told that to be creditors of a home they must have deeds or their cadastral properties up to date, which represents a limitation for them.

For her part, Tania Obando, Governor of Esmeraldas, assured that there are 8,013 homes registered until April 22, with a report of 5,216 habitable, 2,088 with partial damage and 709 unsafe.

In addition, she indicated that 225 disaster bonds have already been delivered, but recalled that their collection is personal and with the citizenship card.

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