President of Ecuador opens innovation office in Israel

President Guillermo Lasso announced the opening of the first innovation office in Israel, during his trip to this country.

“It will be a space that will constantly promote business development and boost the entrepreneurial spirit of many,” he wrote on his Twitter account, this Thursday, May 12, 2022.

Strengthening trade between the two countries is another task of this office, Lasso said. However, no details have yet been released about who will run this venue.

For his part, the Ecuadorian Foreign Minister, Juan Carlos Holguín said that 50 Ecuadorian entrepreneurs benefit from the InnovUP program, to access Israel’s cooperation through its ecosystem.

“A turning point for the country’s entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem. Startups Nation”, emphasized Holguín.

“Today Ecuadorian entrepreneurs will be able to take advantage of Israel’s innovation ecosystem to enhance their ideas,” said the foreign minister

This objective was met with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding for Economic and Trade Cooperation, an instrument that marks the beginning of talks to make a trade agreement between the two nations viable.

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