Ukrainian Parliament approves seizure of Russian properties

The Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine approved the decree of President Vladimir Zelensky that allows the forced seizure of Russian properties in the country, reported today the deputy Yaroslav Zhelezniak.

The president’s order was supported by 334 deputies, out of the 226 votes required as a minimum, he posted on his Telegram social network channel.

Previously, the head of state submitted to the legislature the decree on the decision approved by the National Security and Defense Council to confiscate properties of Russia and its residents in this nation. According to the explanatory note to the bill, the means expropriated from the neighboring nation are to be used “to protect the state sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine”, in the context of the military confrontation taking place in the country.

The Ukrainian parliament in early March passed the law “On the basic principles of forcible seizure of property subject to the property right of the Russian Federation and its residents in Ukraine,” TASS news agency recalled.

The legislation states that property can be nationalized for reasons of public necessity without any compensation, a decision to be taken by the National Security and Defense Council and approved by the Ukrainian president.

Meanwhile, in early April, he endorsed another constitutional text according to which expropriation may affect both Russian citizens and others with close ties to the Eurasian nation.

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