Found last person missing after explosion Saratoga hotel in Havana

Rescuers and firefighters from Cuba found minutes ago the lifeless body of the last person to be identified as missing after the explosion at the Saratoga hotel.

Colonel Luis Carlos Guzmán, national chief of the Fire Department, assured that search efforts were carried out throughout the day until the body of a waitress of the hotel facility, was found.

In this effort, rescuers and the canine brigade relied on information provided by Saratoga workers about the possible location of the victim.

Guzmán explained that 90 percent of the premises of the building suffered severe damage, and its structure has little support in several places, so extreme measures were taken to prevent it from collapsing.

The mayor of Old Havana, Alexis Acosta, explained that after recovering the victim, they will move on to other priority tasks of property recovery, for which a schedule was established.

On May 6, an explosion at the Saratoga hotel caused collapses on its sides and up to the first five floors.

With this finding, the death toll rises to 45 and almost a hundred injured.

Prensa Latina

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