Companies sanctioned by Moscow excluded from Russian gas deliveries

The Russian presidencial spokesman, Dmitri Peskov reported that the foreign energy companies sanctioned by this country´s government will not be able to participate in the gas supply process from Russia.

The senior official stressed that sanctions against the 31 organizations on the list released the day before constitute blocking sanctions.

“There will be no relations with these companies, they are simply banned”, he said. Peskov assured that “these companies can no longer participate in the process” of gas supply from Russia, TASS news agency reported.

Yesterday, the Russian Executive reported that in the list are included legal companies from Germany, France and other European countries, as well as from Singapore and the US, former European Gazprom subsidiaries, traders and operators of subway gas storage facilities.

According to the approved document, which entered into force yesterday, as of its publication on the legal portal, Moscow will prohibit various operations with the listed companies, including transactions in favor of these institutions or involving payments.

It will also suspend securities transactions involving or favoring these firms or involving the entry into Russian ports of vessels owned or chartered by the listed entities, in their interest or at their request.

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