Former Furukawa workers demand justice and reparation for case of modern slavery in Ecuador

Justice and reparation are demanded by the former workers of the Furukawa company, for the case of modern slavery by this company for 60 years.

Former employees are protesting in Quito to ask the judges to set a date for a hearing on the case and to visit the camps in Santo Domingo.

Alejandra Zambrano, lawyer for the victims, explained that there are two ongoing processes: the first that represents 123 plaintiffs; while a second appeal was filed with the Ombudsman in favor of 218 people.

Regarding the latter, the jurist explained that last week a judge from Santo Domingo issued a sentence in which he ruled that a violation of the human rights of former workers has not been demonstrated, delimiting the responsibility of the company and the State.

For this reason, the victims and the legal representatives asked that the hearing be brought forward and that justice be done for all the former employees.

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