Prime Minister of Barbados appoints her new Cabinet

The Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Mottley, announced on Monday the new government cabinet that will accompany her in her next administration, after the victory obtained in the general elections on January 19.

The new Cabinet has fewer members than the previous one and, for the first time, a deputy prime minister was appointed, a position that will be held by Sanita Bradshaw. To this designation are added three main ministers.

The authorities’ development agenda was called “Our Barbados, owning our future”, and was described by Mottley as transformative that aims to build human and social capital, as well as a sustainable economy in which the entire population participates.

“We feel very honored, we are humbled. Above all, we are committed to honoring all the people of our country,” she said.

With the 20 members of her new cabinet, the prime minister stated that they will focus on greater supervision, advancing in the necessary changes so that Barbados overcomes the critical moments it has experienced, turning the country into “one of the main ones in the world”.

The new officers are Dale Marshall, Kerrie Symmonds, Jerome Walcott, Wilfred Abrahams, Indar Weir, Ian Gooding Edghill, Lisa Cummings, Kay McConney, Dwight Sutherland, Kirk Humphrey and Adrian Forde, among others.

Likewise, Mottley reiterated the call for unity in the country. “Despite the challenges ahead, this is a time for optimism and opportunity. We must use it to educate, upskill and empower a new generation of confident Barbadians for nation building.”

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