National Congress presents initiatives for refoundation of Honduras

(Prensa Latina) Deputy Luis Redondo, president of the National Congress, position recognized by the future executive power, today defended initiatives linked to the refoundation of Honduras, during the installation of the first legislature.

Among the proposals, the parliamentarian presented the law that condemns the 2009 coup against then president Manuel Zelaya, the establishment of re-election as a crime and the International Commission against Impunity and Corruption.

Other points are the analysis of the elimination of subsidies to deputies, the amnesty law for political prisoners, the anti-enrichment law and the revocation of mandate, as well as the formation of an anti-corruption table in order to review various opinions.

From the floor and with the assistance of regular and alternate constituents, Redondo alluded to the creation of a special law that denounces the presidential re-election of Juan Orlando Hernández in 2017 and qualifies it as a crime of treason.

In parallel, the new legislature presided over by Jorge Cálix, one of those expelled from the Libertad y Refundación (Libre) Party, took place through a live broadcast shared by the social network Facebook and with the approach of five points contained in the Calix mandate program.

The dissident parliamentarian mentioned the repeal of the Employment and Economic Development Zones (ZEDE); the annulment of the Secrets Law, cataloged by him as “a shield for the corrupt” and the revision of the Penal Code regarding the punishment for those who commit illicit acts.

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