Ecuador requests cooperation from Peru and Colombia to combat arms trafficking

Arms trafficking worries Ecuador, which requested help from Peru and Colombia. This was reported by the Minister of Government, Alexandra Vela.

Together with the Ministry of Defense, Luis Hernández, the official indicated that information is being compiled on the weapons that legally circulate in the country, as well as the more than 7,000 held by the security forces.

The objective is to create a database that allows locating and identifying those of illegal origin or circulation.

Vela said that cooperation has been requested from Peru and Colombia so that this type of intervention is carried out in a coordinated manner and the circulation of weapons is prevented.

The minister explained that all the weapons will be within a specific control system that allows the traceability of the weapon to be followed in any part of the country. This will allow authorities to establish whether a given weapon has been used in a criminal act.

For the Ecuadorian Government, there is evidence of the existence of arms trafficking, mainly on the southern border.

The authorities indicated that the confiscation of weapons has increased and specified that their trafficking is due to the infiltration of transnational criminal organizations and the influence of local gangs linked to drug trafficking.

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