Violence in Colombia tarnishes electoral atmosphere this week

 (Prensa Latina) Two attacks, in which a person was killed and several people were injured, and a failed one, 10 masaccres and the assassination of nine social leaders were reported in Colombia this week in the run-up to the legislative election.

On Wednesday, a car bomb exploded in Saravena Municipality, in the Arauca Department, and damaged the premises of the Transportation Terminal and other institutions and killed a security guard.

The explosion also damaged the Hector Arilo Building, seemingly the main target of the attack because of the presence there of leaders of several social organizations from this territory, five of whom were injured.

On Friday, the police confirmed they found a bomb set to be activated at Casa Alternativa (Alternative House), in this capital, a productive venture undertaken by peace signatories, in which pre-election activities take place.

On the other hand, 10 massacres against Colombians have been perpetrated in the first three weeks of the new year, and 9 social leaders have been assassinated in this period, something that shows the spiral of violence in that South American nation.

The Arauca Department, on the border with Venezuela, is one where violence is more serious due to clashes between armed groups of the so-called dissidents of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and soldiers of the National Liberation Army.

Given this scenario, worsened since early 2022, the Comprehensive System for Peace on Friday urged the Colombian government to encourage or facilitate humanitarian talks between the armed groups involved in the escalation of the conflict in Arauca.

In a statement, it reported that at least 34 homicides have been committed in the first 20 days of 2022; 269 forced displacement complaints have been filed, that is, about 1,000 displaced people; 2 kidnappings have been committed and indigenous communities have been confined.

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