Guayaquil registers an occupancy of 98% of beds in Intensive Care Units

In Guayaquil, with a record of around 1,500 infected people per day, the occupancy of intensive care beds is bordering on 98%, as declared last Thursday 20 by the mayor of the city of Buenos Aires, Cynthia Viteri. In addition, she indicated that children are being seen more and more frequently entering hospitalization.

Likewise, she notified that, with today’s court, Friday, January 21, 2022, the city registers an average of 16 daily deaths from the disease, a number that almost doubles the figures published last week.

The mayor pointed out that the number of daily patients is greater than 1,000 and stressed that a large part of these patients are citizens residing in other cities and provinces, for which she urged her counterparts to take the appropriate measures to improve this situation. .

Similarly, Viteri stressed that the Municipality is carrying out constant operations to verify that passers-by and users of public transport carry the respective vaccination card, in addition to continuing to expand the vaccination program through different points located throughout the city.

The accumulated number of positive cases of COVID-19 this week has been 109,817 cases in the province of Guayas, which means, according to figures from the Ministry of Health, that in one week there was an increase of 21% of patients, over all in the capital of the province, presenting a higher incidence in zone 8, where Guayaquil, Samborondón and Durán are located.

In these localities, 3,520 beds were available in the hospitalization area of ​​the comprehensive health network (public and private), but, at the end of the week, the occupation had increased significantly.

While in the intensive care unit (ICU) the number of spaces available is 183, intended for the exclusive use of patients with COVID-19, and the percentage of occupancy in this area is between 96% and 98%.

The MSP announced that if the occupancy of COVID patients in the units that are currently intended for this purpose reaches its capacity, the “Monte Sinai” medical unit will be enabled, and in conjunction with the public and private network. 190 intensive care places could be enabled, but it is expected that this resource will not have to be used, for which reason the citizenry has been asked to provide greater collaboration and that the authorities further adjust the controls.

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