Ecuadorian soldiers find base of irregular group in Mataje

In Mataje, on the border with Colombia, a group of soldiers found a rest base for illegal groups with war and campaign material.

Frank Cando, commander of the Motorized Infantry Battalion (Bimot – 13), revealed that, during the inspection of the camp located in the Corriente Larga sector (Mataje – Esmeraldas), the soldiers found: a machine gun, 827 projectiles, 7.62 ammunition, 997 5.56 caliber projectiles and 433 0.8 caliber ammunition, 6 hand grenades, 21 magazines, Colombian pesos, military clothing and some utensils.

The discovery occurred during a reconnaissance patrol in which a wooden construction house was identified, which was apparently used as a resting place for irregular groups from Colombia.

Between 20 and 30 people escaped from the site, leaving behind backpacks, uniforms, and a large quantity of ammunition, weapons, and other supplies.

About five people would have been in that house and when fleeing they fired shots without reporting deaths or injuries. It is presumed that the base belonged to the irregular front Óliver Sinisterra (FOS) that operates on the border with Colombia.

The seized material was handed over by the military to the judicial authorities and the Police of San Lorenzo del Pailón.

A similar operation took place in September 2021, when Armed Forces personnel dismantled an alleged rest base for armed groups. The operation left two Ecuadorians and five foreigners detained.

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