Data expert warns that in Ecuador there are more cases of hospitalization and deaths probably due to coronavirus

Carlos Oporto, audiovisual communicator and data analysis consultant, shared the statistics on the pandemic in Ecuador on his Twitter account.

For him, there is no reduction in infections by Covid-19 or in the number of deaths, as the Minister of Health, Ximena Garzón, assured this Saturday, January 22, during the meeting of the National Emergency Operations Committee (National COE).

Porto commented that there are 106 excess daily deaths and hospitalizations on the rise.

Under this criterion, he questioned in the social network what are people dying? Why are there so many causes of heart attacks and pneumonia of unknown viral origin? What is that unknown virus? Are they investigating it?

In two graphs shared by the data expert, it is observed, for example, how on January 17 hospitalizations were at 1,396 and on January 23 they went to 2,150.

Meanwhile, the number of deceased reached 95 on January 14 and 106 on January 17.

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