CONAIE postpones national strike due to increase in infections in Ecuador

After the Expanded Council of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE), its president, Leonidas Iza, ratified that the national strike, scheduled for this month, is postponed due to the excessive increase in infections by COVID-19 and the new Ómicron variant in the country.

Iza explained that, although the national mobilizations are suspended, the territorial assemblies in each of the provinces will remain in force to debate and analyze “the economic, social and political crisis that Ecuador is going through.”

“It means that they will be concentrated above all in the provinces that are somehow having fewer infections. In the rural sectors there is practically a level of control, in those territories there are going to be broad assemblies, assemblies in the communities”, argued Iza.

Similarly, CONAIE maintains its critical stance against the Government of President Lasso. In addition, he accuses him of being subject to neoliberal policies promoted by the IMF.

“We ratify our commitment to continue consolidating a front of struggle and resistance from the popular classes and from the most impoverished social sectors of the countryside and the city.”

It should be remembered that one of CONAIE’s main requests is the review of fuel prices, which have increased notably in recent years, but, given this, the President was very emphatic and pointed out that, for the time being, it will not be carried out. No change.

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