Twitter to detail practices against hate messages in France

 (Prensa Latina) France’s Court of Appeal today upheld a criminal court decision that ordered the social network Twitter to detail its procedures for preventing hate speech on its internet channel.

In July, Twitter was ordered in the first instance to pay 1,500 euros in damages to six associations, including SOS Racism, the International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism and SOS Homophobia, and to disclose the means and processes it used to prevent offending messages.

In particular, “any administrative, contractual, technical or commercial document relating to the material and human resources used” to “fight against the dissemination of crimes of apology for crimes against humanity, incitement to racial hatred and hatred towards people because of their sex” was demanded.

It was also to detail “the number, location, nationality and language of the persons assigned to process alerts from users of the French platform”, as well as “the number of alerts”, “the criteria and number of subsequent withdrawals” and “the number of information transmitted to the competent public authorities, in particular the public prosecutor’s office”.

The appeal filed by the company against this judgment was dismissed today by the Court of Appeal, ordering Twitter to comply with the requirements demanded at the time.

For their part, the plaintiff associations recalled that this social network has long and repeatedly failed to comply with its moderation obligations.

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