740 people deprived of liberty were released to reduce overcrowding in prisons in Ecuador

The Government plans that 5,000 detainees leave in order to reduce overcrowding. Another measure in the face of the prison crisis is to encourage pacification.

Punto Noticias.- In the last 15 days, the National Service for Comprehensive Attention to Persons Deprived of Liberty and Adolescent Offenders (SNAI), has processed the release of more than 740 people.

The Government’s intention would be to grant penitentiary rights to nearly 5,000 detainees and at the same time reduce overcrowding and drug trafficking, which are key to overcoming the prison crisis.

In July 2021, President Guillermo Lasso already referred to the release of the 5,000 prisoners. He did it when an issue of more than 300 amnesties processed by the Legislature was being analyzed.

According to Lasso, the Government’s intention is to provide a peaceful environment in the prisons and for this reason a citizen commission works and adjustments are made to the institutional strengthening of the SNAI.

To establish this objective, guidelines for the penitentiary census are given, as well as investment in prison infrastructure and criminal and regulatory reform projects.
All these reforms to the country’s prison system are aimed at curbing the wave of violence that has left more than 300 dead in 2021 alone.

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