Human Rights Watch Report Evidences Political Interference in Ecuador’s Justice

The Human Rights Watch organization published its 2022 report, in which it dedicates a chapter to Ecuador and recounts multiple problems that affect the country, in terms of human rights.

In this study, HRW concluded that poor conditions and violence persist in Ecuador in detention centers, the indiscriminate use of force by members of the security forces, restrictions on access to reproductive health care of women and girls, and the scant protection of the rights of children and adolescents and of refugees.

Likewise, it maintains that there are delays in judicial proceedings, undue pressure from government officials on judges, and a lack of due process guarantees.

The organization takes as its context the changes made by the Council for Citizen Participation and Transitory Social Control to evaluate and dismiss almost all the control authorities in the country. In the same way, the limitations that the Constitutional Court imposed on the Council of the Judiciary so that it cannot intervene in the work of the judges.

With this, the Moreno government promoted a change in the judicial system that has not been effective so far.

“During 2021, the indications of unjustified delays in judicial processes, undue pressure from government officials on judges, and lack of due process guarantees in high-profile cases of corruption continued.”

Source: HRW Report 2022

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