Assembly of Ecuador debates decriminalizing abortion for rape

Several feminist groups remained in vigil on the night of this Tuesday, January 11, 2022, outside the National Assembly to demand the approval of the Law that will decriminalize abortion in cases of rape. The organizations held a peaceful demonstration with songs and shouts about the right to abortion.

At the moment, the Justice Commission of the National Assembly decided to establish a maximum term for the voluntary interruption of pregnancy in cases of rape of 28 weeks, in the case of women over 18 years of age and without any type of term, girls and minor adolescents 18 years of age and women with disabilities.

This proposal will be known by the Plenary of the National Assembly, in the second debate of this project.

Verónica Vera, from the CunaSur collective, indicated that the objective of the demonstration is to ensure that the debate held by the Justice Commission of the Assembly on the Rape Abortion Law includes the proposals of feminist groups and civil society.

“What is looking for is that the regulation respond to the needs of rape survivors, who have been pregnant and who wish to interrupt that process”, she said.

The groups consider that a term should not be established to guarantee access to a voluntary, safe and legal abortion process in cases of rape.

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