Cases of children with COVID increased markedly in Ecuador, warns president of the Ecuadorian Association of Pediatrics

Fernando Aguinaga, president of the Ecuadorian Association of Pediatrics, spoke about the health crisis that the country is going through due to the coronavirus and indicated that, according to his latest studies, the increase in infections in children has skyrocketed in recent weeks and the The cities where the virus spreads the most in minors are Quito and Guayaquil.

In the same way, he stated that, within this group, infants are the ones who are getting the most, many have even developed serious respiratory problems and require hospitalizations.

“The symptoms of COVID-19 in children present with inflammation in the larynx. Some are being hospitalized. In Quito they are being treated at IESS del Sur, Baca Ortiz and various private hospitals.”

Aguinaga explained that, because the vaccine is applied to children 5 years of age and older, minors who are not vaccinated are the most affected.

“At the beginning of the pandemic it did not happen because the children were taken a lot of care and they were kept at home.”

To conclude, he warned that the return to face-to-face classes should be taken with caution, since there are many cases of contagion that have not been reported.

“It is difficult to predict when the right time will be for children to return to school in person. The return to classes should be organized according to each sector to analyze who returns and who does not.

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