Alliance Against Prisons wishes to collaborate with the pacification in prisons, but it hopes that its proposals will be accepted

Through a statement, the Alliance Against Prisons announced that the organizations that make it up have sat down to dialogue at different work tables with the Secretariat of Human Rights, the Institute of Advanced National Studies (IAEN) and the National Service Comprehensive Care for Adults Deprived of Liberty and Adolescent Offenders (SNAI), but despite having provided information and proposals for pacification, they have not received a response that their recommendations have been incorporated into institutional policies.

The Alliance pointed out that its work has been carried out with incarcerated people and their families, for which the organization was contacted after the last massacre recorded in the Litoral Penitentiary.

On the other hand, the members of the pacification committee for the prisons in the country -directed by Nelsa Curbelo- finalize details to meet in a permanent assembly and «advance the truce».

Curbelo directs the approaches with the representatives of those deprived of liberty. This occurs almost a month after the last massacre in the Penitentiary that left 65 victims who have not yet been fully identified.

The international delegate Claudia Garzón indicated that, among the actions to be carried out, the entrance to the pavilions and cells of the detention centers is programmed, in order to know the reality in which those deprived of their liberty live.

Garzón will arrive in the country this Tuesday to coordinate the visits to the pavilions and cells that are scheduled for this month. Something that the authorities have not been able to do.

In turn, the committee learned that there had already been meetings with inmates in Cotopaxi and Guayaquil, but due to security issues, it was not specified with whom.

The international delegate said that there is a willingness to approach the inmates and that what is sought is to reach a truce so that peace is definitive, above all, between the groups that are in dispute.

Pastor Francisco Loor, who is also part of the delegation, mentioned that once these approaches are made, the next step is to transfer the real needs to the Presidency.

At least five official visits have been made to the Guayaquil prison complex, corresponding to each of the prisons that make it up: the women’s prison, the penitentiary, the Regional, La Roca, and the provisional detention center. It is expected that this week the Azuay prison will be visited.

Loor commented that -in these days- a report will be issued with the details of the progress, as well as the guidelines that will be given after the approaches and conversations held.

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