Pope Francis urged to overcome indifference towards migrants

(Prensa Latina) Today, Pope Francis urged here to overcome indifference towards migrants and to reject the idea that they are someone else’s problem.

During his statement in the presence of the diplomatic corps accredited to the Holy See at the new year hearing, the supreme Pontiff stated that approach is seen in the dehumanization of the migrants piled in identification centers whre they end up being an easy target for the organized crime and human traffickers.

Also they are involved in desperate attempts of escape that sometimes end with their death, declared Francis making reference to the need of highlighting that migrants are often turned to political blackmail weapons.

In this sense, the Pope drew attention to the importance of the European Union to find internal unity in the management of the migration phenomenon, as it did to face the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is necessary, he said, to create a coherent and comprehensive system for managing migration and asylum policies so that responsibilities are shared in protecting migrants, analyzing asylum requests, and relocating and socially integrating those who can be taken in.

The migration issue such as the pandemic and the climate change clearly show that no one can be saved just because the “great challanges of our time are all global.”

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