Construction, trade and mining grew in Bolivia

(Prensa Latina) Bolivia recorded in 2021 a tax growth in important sectors such as construction (42 percent); commerce (16.7 percent); and mining (182.7 percent), according to new official data.

The stats show the reactivation and reconstruction of the economy, based on measures applied by the executive since November 2020.

The item of metallic and non-metallic minerals collected one billion USD$145 million, higher than USD$51 million in 2021, the National Tax Service indicated.

Construction and public works contributed 1.273 billion bolivianos (183.9 million dollars), above the 897 million bolivianos (129.6 million dollars) of the previous year.

For its part, trade collected five billion 605 million bolivianos (US$809.9 million) in 2021, compared to four billion 804 million bolivianos (US$694.2 million) in 2020.

Other areas that increased their taxes to the State were transportation and storage (8.5 percent); and crude oil and natural gas (13 percent).

Electricity, gas and water (17.1 percent); and business services (16.8 percent) also grew.

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