Bolivia will bring to trial coup doers

(Prensa Latina) The Bolivian justice on Wednesday will issue the order to start the trial against former de facto President Jeanine Añez and nine other people accused of the 2019 coup d’état, the press reported on Sunday.

After the fulfillment of this first procedure, everything will be ready for the beginning of the public oral trial within 45 days, Deputy Minister of Justice, Jaime Siles, added during an interview with the program Sintesis, of Radio Cepra.

The court decision will be issued during this period because Tuesday is the deadline for the defendants to formally present their allegations in the so-called “Coup d’Etat Case 2,” the official said. Siles recalled that the trial against Añez is due to her actions as a senator prior to the 2019 coup, because the crimes typified are a breach of duties and resolutions contrary to the law.

The Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Government, he added, filed the indictment and already notified the 10 defendants, including Añez and several commanders and former members of the Armed Forces and the Police.

The deputy minister was confindent that this judicial body will speed up the trial now so that, in March, or in April the latest, the first sentence for the Coup d´Etat Case 2 can be pronounced.

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